• 2021 →
    Spot on Economies

    in PACT  Zollverein, Essen, Germany; residency programme

    with Licia Soldavini

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  • 2019 →

    artists’ residency Hotel Egon – applied research on local food production in the Eiermannbau, Apolda, IBA Thüringen (International Building Exhibition Thuringia)

    Collaboration: Onoff – Marius Busch, Licia Soldavini, Nick Green, Alexis de Raphelis-Soissan

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  • 2017 →

    workshop and artist residency, Vila Itororo, Sao Paulo by Goethe Na Vila – Goethe Institute  Brazil, contribution SP architecture Biennale 2017

    Collaboration: Johanna Dehio, David Moritz, Sofia Ramos

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  • 2016 →
    The Stolling Oven

    as part of Giardino Ammirato programme at Ammirato  Culture House, Lecce, Italy; residency in the framework of the Free Home University 

    with Sébastien Tripod 

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  • 2013 →
    Summer School of Applied Autonomy

    experimental garden  in Marzahn, Berlin; co-creation and founding of the association, initiated as a project of the UdK Graduate School by Valentina Karga 

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