June 9, 2021 → Who Are We #3 ¥€$! Sustainable, Healthy and Fair Working Conditions at Dragonerareal w/ Guerilla Architects

On June 9th, 2021 we took advantage of the good weather and a well-deserved break from the pandemic to organise the third session of ‘Who Are We?’ in collaboration with Guerilla Architects and funded by the Baupalast-Initiative Diskurswerkstätten.

We started online with two inputs by Magdalena Ziomek, managing director of the cooperative for freelancers – SMartDE eG, and Anna Mareike Holtz from Kulturbüro ehrliche Arbeit, to trigger a discussion on sustainable, healthy and fair working conditions. We would like to pragmatically shed light on cooperative and solidary working principles and legal forms, but also on how to organise and discuss collaborative work more politically. We then moved off-line and embodied this discussion with physical action provided by Bärbel Düsing, and a conversation around these topics at the dinner-table. The dinner was once again organised with the Zusammenküche (Tiziana Calandrino) and we took advantage of our location to fire the Backhauswagen. Bea Davies also joined us again to document the session with her drawings.

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Who Are We? initiative aims to encourage a discussion on “our” organisations: Who belongs to them? What are the existing power structures? Which communication and decision-making cultures are prevailing?  Which projects, spaces, cities “we” design and build accordingly? How do they influence the way “our” city is produced and represented?

by: Licia Soldavini & Mascha Fehse
with Guerilla Architects, Magdalena Ziomek, (SMartDE eG), Anna Mareike Holtz from Kulturbüro ehrliche Arbeit, Bärbel Düsing, Tiziana Calandrino, Bea Davies