May 1, 2016 → The Strolling Oven at Giardino Ammirato Residency within Freehome University in Lecce, Italy, 2016

May 2016


The oven is strolling around, sitting down here and there,

attentively observing its surroundings.

It is made from clay, water and aluminate cement.

In its time, where a day is a second, it‘s flexible like a frog.

The clay has already been burnt by others, which makes the oven more resistant.

Neighbours contributed their discarded ceramic companions, as a donation and point of reference.

Before moulding the oven into pieces, the old tiles and pots have to be crushed.

This shared effort of transformation is sparking the fire.

The matter dries, the music sounds and the pleasant smell that nutritions expel

when cooked on blaze, conquers the space.

But in the time of the oven the common is a fugitive constituent,

and to be tolerated in public, one has to be flexible with one‘s position.

18 pieces, assembled, disassembled, reassembled, each carried by one or two people,

the common oven is commonly constructed, deconstructed, re-constructed.

Mascha Fehse and Sébastien Tripod

Ammirato Cultural House, Lecce, 2016