July 1, 2019 → Kollektionsküche at Hotel Egon Residency within IBA Thüringen programme at Eiermannbau, Apolda, 2019

Kollektionsküche was local research on the food industry around the city of Apolda in Thuringia, central Germany.  Departing from the ingredients of local specialities like the Thüringer Wurst” and the geo-cultural history of its ingredients, in an applied approach we systematically investigated all forms of food production in the area.

On public bike tours we visited these places in order to “harvest” ingredients , from deep frozen pizza to freshly spinned honey, that would be served for dinner in a temporary hotel as part of IBA Thüringen program (International Building Exhibition). The project created alliances and made contradictions visible concerning the cycles and dead ends of food flows, touching upon a diverse public from all parts of Germany as well as very locally anchored actors.

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artist residency, IBA Thüringen, Apolda, 2019

By Marius Busch, Mascha Fehse, Nick Green, Alexis de Raphelis, Licia Soldavini