September 23, 2017 → Fire Kitchen at Vila Itororo artist residency by Goethe Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The project Fire Kitchen came to Brazil for a research trip and a participatory experimentation process on invitation by Goethe na Vila, a residency program by Goethe Institut SP. Through a phenomenological research and related experimentation, we were able to experience an exemplary production process from raw material to a usable kitchen:

The typical handmade and low burned clay pots investigated in the research are traditionally used for cooking fish dishes in the costal areas of Brazil.

After visiting the APG (Associação das Paneleiras de Goiabeiras in Vitória, Espirito Santo), a womens cooperative manufacturing the „panela” in barro negro technique, in a 10-day workshop the fully functioning kitchen under a small roof were produces departing from recipes of the participants. The production was rounded off by cooking, sharing and exchanging experiences and recipes during a 3-day feast.

Different types of clay pots can be found in all cultures around the world, well distinguished in their construction, function and use following local appearances of materials and ingredients.

This contextual sensibility results in sophisticated shapes. In the uniform canon of industrially shaped product culture, we often lose this diversity as a reasonable connection to meaning and origins of dishes and utilities.

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Artist residency, Vila Itororo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017 and contribution SP Architecture Biennale 2017; collaboration by Johanna Dehio, Mascha Fehse, David Moritz, Sophia Ramos