January 31, 2023 → Capturing Construction at Politecnico di Milano 2023

The workshop “Capturing Construction” was a two week long conversation. In line with Tim Ingold’s concept of conversation as the essence of knowing “from inside”, it was characterized by being processual, open-ended, and dialogical (2020). The exploration of different Milanese contexts and encounters with people, places and things, revolved around an understanding of construction sites extended to complex urban continuous transformations. Investigating the intricate relationships and prevailing conditions that shape spatial production, the construction site proved as a pivotal ground for architectural research and design endeavors.

With a group of ten people, we threw a look behind the barriers and at different scopes of ongoing construction sites in Milano. The physical conditions under which architectures are produced (the material making of architecture) are to my knowledge little considered in terms of their spatial potential, political relevance and timely duration within architectural conception. Only through the engagement with spaces under urgent and immediate transformation – e.g. actual construction sites and the related sites of production and accommodation of materials and workforce, but similarly places that are threatened by eviction, refurbishment and abolition, such as temporary cultural uses, informal dwelling or decaying building substances – can we understand the forces at work during Construction.

Text by Mascha Fehse & Marianna Frangipane

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Guest professorship

MINDS programme “Duration”

Tutor: Marianna Frangipane

with: Francesca Cognetti, Rossella Ferro, Lucia Ludovici, Elena Ponno, and Alice Ranzini from Mapping San Siro; Elena Zucchetti from SoleTerre; Emanuele Braga from KinLab; Cinzia Cordiè, the construction site manager of the Piazzale Ferrara Student residence; Daniel Kötter, film director of Rift Finfinnee ; Elisa Saturno from ConstructLab; The activists of Spazio Mutuo Soccorso; Fedya Crespolini from the Pop bar; Carlotta Cossutta from Ambrosia and Cristina Caon putting us in touch with spaces and people

and the workshop group consisting of Sofia Avanzi, Maria Morozzo della Rocca, Keerthana Menon, Jeby Simon, Rishitha Suvarna, Shane Zamuco, Maddalena Semprebon and Martina Simonati.