• August 1, 2017 → The Arch: A socio-circular gate to technology at Thorpark, former coal mine in Genk, Belgium, 2017

    On an industrial scale, recycling is nothing new. However, industrial recycling processes have not embraced closed cycles of production, waste and reproduction. Economic efficiency and productivity are the key factors dictating the degree materials and human power should be valued, exploited or wasted. Industrial and consumerist processes always need to produce strong, finished products. However, if we add factors such as learning outcomes, social encounters and sustainability to this equation, new conditions make recycling interesting on a different scale.

    In the Arch, the transformation and rebirth of new materials is not only an aspiral outcome, but the setting for one-to-one learning experience and a new ground for sociability, cultivating exchange, experimentation and emergence of new ideas coming from a diverse public.

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