• November 17, 2022 → Soft Construction

    Soft Construction refers to a caring and careful approach to the city. An ‘inverted’ construction site that replaces hard elements with soft, waste with care, irreversibility with composting, reckless abstraction with mindfulness. The surfaces and materiality of the artwork create a quality of stay in the midst of opaque, harsh and exclusionary construction sites. The materials are sustainable. The Euro pallets are pliable and the cement bags bulbous, the roadblocks sag and a yellow sewage pipe snakes around the corner. Anybody is invited to move the elements and use them to sit, lie down and linger.


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  • soft construction: contested stones in gegenarchive - schoenhauser allee
    January 21, 2022 → Archive of Contested Stones in Soft Construction, gegen\archive: wer bleibt wo exhibition prater gallerie / ACUD

    Sch̦nhauser Allee 135 Рbuilding brick, empire-format: In the attic of 135, a relatively well-isolated sound studio in which back in the day, even productions for important state radio programmes were recorded (if only they knew!).

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